July 10, 2010

Decadant Stuffed Dates

Here's a little something different to serve at your next get together.  A little sweet...a little savory...I made these for several parties over the long weekend, and they were very well received.  

Dates are opulent in vitamins and minerals, as well as low in fat (one date has 23 calories), cholesterol, and sodium, and are packed with potassium...making these a great quick energy snack.  I could easily go on about the health benefits of the date, but for now...on to this quick easy snack.

Decadent Stuffed Dates

Medjool Dates
Ricotta Cheese (drained if runny)
Cocoa Powder

Cut a lengthwise slit down the center, but not through, each date and remove the seeds.
With a teaspoon, stuff each date with ricotta cheese and sprinkle with cocoa powder.  

It's as easy as that!  Enjoy!


Asia said...

i love it! It's so simple and looks so tasty!

Kendra said...

Thank you....It is always a favorite! Enjoy!
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