May 6, 2010

Brie, Apple, Proscuitto and Arugula Panini

I've missed you, but now I'm back!  Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few months.  We have relocated from New Jersey to California.  After a lot of house-hunting and many boxes to unpack, we've finally found a lovely place to call home. 

California seems to be a mecca of farmers markets galore and with that, many inspirations to bring to my kitchen .  I am excited and looking forward to sharing some great recipes with you in the weeks ahead.  

Wouldn't you agree that any sandwich grilled in a panini press, makes any sandwich even better?
The possibilities are endless as far as fillings for your panini, but this is what I had on hand.  

Wine Pairing:  A white sparkling wine would be great here.

Brie, Apple, Proscuitto and Arugula Panini
Makes 4 sandwiches

1 large ciabatta loaf
3 apples thinly sliced
16 thick slices of soft brie
8 thin slices of proscuitto
1/2 lb fresh arugula leaves
olive oil

Slice the ciabatta loaf in half horizontaly then in quarters.  Fill with brie slices, apple slices, proscuitto and arugula.  Brush olive oil over the top and bottom of each sandwich.  Grill in a panini press for about 5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the tops and bottoms are crisped with grill marks.  Serve hot and enjoy!