January 5, 2010

Avocado On Rustic Toast with Shaved Parmesan

This is my idea of a healthy, quick and very satisfying lunch.

The many health benefits of the Haas Avocado, makes for a good reason to enjoy this little green gem.

One fifth of a medium avocado has 50 calories and contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a good nutrient source. According to many nutritionists, using avocado as a sandwich spread in place of other popular spreads may help reduce dietary intake of calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. For example, 2 tablespoons of mayo has 109 calories, 2 tablespoons of butter has 204 calories, where as 2 tablespoons or 2-3 thin slices of avocado has only 50 calories. You gotta love that as much as I do!

Now that I'm convinced that I sold you on the health benefits of the avocado, you must try this easy and very tasty sandwich. The creaminess of the avocado with the salty parmesan cheese on a toasted rustic bread is sure to be a taste sensation! I promise!

Avocado On Rustic Toast with Shaved Parmesan

1 ripe Haas Avocado cut in half, pit removed
1 piece of rustic bread, toasted
Shaved parmesan reggiano cheese
a light sprinkle of large flaked sea salt

Spread some of your very ripe avocado onto your toasted bread. Add a few shaved pieces of a good parmesan reggiano cheese, and just a light sprinkle of some large flaked sea salt.



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Steve said...

This was my favourite lunch I had when visiting friends of mine in Johannesburg. On a warm summers day when you can sit outside on the couch (it never rains there!) and munch on some Avocado on toast ... nothing better!

I added a dash of freshly ground black pepper too!